Mountain Top

Mountain Top

Can I make it to the top without a car?

The top of the mountain looks way too far. 

With me, I brought two boulders. 

As I continued on my way, I put them over my shoulders. 

“Together we will make it to the top,” I thought.

But as I went up, my legs began to rot. 

As I climb, I fall. 

I fall and fall until I am at the point of giving up all. 

The boulders were dragging me down.

But it’s my job to get them up there safe and sound. 

I became so weak. 

I could barely get up and speak.  

I will never make it to the top. 

I should just give up now and stop. 

But then as I was about to turn around

Something in the distance shimmered on the ground. 

As I walk towards it, it began to shine bright

As I picked it up I knew things were going to be alright. 

I realized what I had to do. 

I had to let the boulders go. 

It was hard to say goodbye. 

As I watched them roll down, I let out a huge sigh.

As I continued, I realized how much lighter I felt

With this new energy, I continued on my route.

As I finally surpassed a lot of obstacles and snow, 

I saw the path glistening from below. 

The path was so clear, why hadn’t I seen it before? 

It was right in front of me, all I had to do was look up from the floor.

I focused so much on the boulders I lost sight of what was in front of me

I can finally see, 

The path that leads to the top. 

I will not stop. 

The top is in sight. 

I’m ready to take flight. 

Finally, I made it. 

I’m glad I didn’t forfeit

Letting go of the boulders was the best thing I could’ve done.

Thank you to the shimmer for being my sun. 

Being at the top, I knew I was unstoppable. 

I finally knew that I was capable,

Of letting go of the past

That I thought was forever going to last. 

Up here I am able to see

My inner peace and who I am meant to be. 


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My family
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