Motor City Breakdown


Kids get wet in the summer time leaving parks and street corners outlined with the residue of the ashy.

I sometimes wonder what could have been of their future and my concsious says,

"Aye, you can't live in the past b. See these truths even when you effed up g."

My mind was racing about to break down about the infant shot in her crib she couldn't even learn her ABC'S or begin to walk or even play duck duck goose.

They want to keep the sleep from the conscious so take that third eye out and pluck that loose, 

put your heads together and under the neck tuck that noose,

but before you see the shades of gray chuck that goose.

And if you got the same situation as Remy Ma or even if you rhyme like Papoose, 

unless you conform to the business suits you still lose.

I'm sorry but excuse me if I'm speaking in the abstract.

I been in concrete jungles alll my life and under my feet I walked on clouds so the concept of what is actually reality or the concept of the physical I ain't ever had that,

It was far from obtainable,

You feed off your own energy isn't it sustainable

yet we so stuck on fossils

and if your name is Jerome instead of Tom any mission besides prison, death or mediocrity is impossible.

Well fuck it catch an attitutde, or call it being aggravated or even overly aggressive.

It seems unless you fit your mind in 140 characters every other thought is excessive.

This is my home so when you see niggas going postal don't be afraid to address it.

We got chruches on every block but ain't received no blessings.

Our city's already been tossed to be a prison ranch and been considered not mixed enough for dressing.

So our parent's are stressing

Their hair out because they can't free themselves due to a lack of education or investing.

I find it sad that we praise foams, and buffs but in my eyes unless you make a child smile and Mom cry tears of joy nothing you do is impressive.


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