Motor Breakthrough

Tue, 02/16/2016 - 21:57 -- Boderra

            When there are nights

            I can’t sleep or

            when my mind strolls

            and ponders

            against the wall,

            I want nothing more than

            to roll over and talk to you.


                        To understand your voice

                        in a black room as if

                        my eyes were closed,

                        but they are adjusting

                        to the dark.


                        Wandering hands

                        grasp for your words

                        to calm a listening heart.


                        The melody of each

                        word spins off

                        your tongue and cradles me.


                        They scurry

                        beneath my skin,

                        stirring goose bumps.



            I never knew darkness

            could be so friendly,

            ignoring that one leg,

            uncovered with no one to

            accompany me but a pillow,

            where I thought

            you were.



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