Motivation For The Nation


My flawless trait started when I was eight 

but there is no denying the fact that I am flying. 

Over expectations because this is my nation.

Under the negativity that questions my ability.

Optimism is my vision for what I make is mine to take. 


My flawless trait is what makes me great. 

My motivation creates inspiration for others to follow my lead.

Students who won't, leave teachers to plead. 

My motivation is to get things done and I know that I won

for there is nothing like controlling my fate. 


Nothing is halfway for this is my day. Everything I do benefits me and you. 

I am the early bird who gets the worm because my academics are so firm.

Others live in solace because I am so flawless. My trait is vital so I'll never lose my title. 

My superlative is a preservative never diminishing or finishing.  




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