I've become my own motivation

Making it my occupation to inspire creation in my generation

We've got to begin changing and find dedication to spread positve sensations throughout this nation we're shaping

Give it your all in every relation to the aspirations your imagination keeps in rotation

Think and then act without hesitation

Fight off the tendancy to succumb to subconscious temptations that lead the population to proceed with pointless validations

Come to the realization you got to prove to yourself we're causing these revelations

My sonic vibations in the form of proclaimations that I'm generating and stating can have a place in your education if you listen to the message of my poetic presentation

I use meditation to enhance my concentration to break all limitations; making information rain drenching you like I'm imitating precipitation of a tropical terrain

You asked what makes me tick in the brain?

I'd have to say the dream it contains; to cure the mundane pain with the creation of inspiration so creativity doesn't die in vain



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