Like Moths to Flames


United States
26° 26' 54.0816" N, 82° 5' 42.648" W

A broth of lavender, jasmine and earth boiled beneath my nose,
the sky an oven to the glorious feast to,
which was prepared, in my honor.
Fire lapped under my skin,
blood churning and fueling the unbearable and incessant want for his skin.
Feverish kisses in the amber light of the sunset,
It all began as a fairytale,
Make believe seemed to counteract the pain which continued to sprout in my gut
Butterflies fluttering, begging for air in
Within the tomb in which are my intestines,
Heart hammering into the setting sun
An attempt to help me remember what love felt like,
Before I allowed it to puree my soul once more
Darkness settled over us, transforming our mutual friendship into more than just innocent kisses
And delectable warmth,
Asphyxiation threatened to encroach, if I didn’t choose.
To belong to a lifeless being, fangs digging deeper into my consciousness,
Sucking the life that dwells there,
And implanting a sickening poison,
The cause of an imminent and hasty death,
Or to stumble into the arms of hope and the emanating
Brilliance of life
Obviously I’m still standing
Rejoice for life and light
Mourn for the shadows that still linger in consciousnesses,
Not far from the light, forever a threat
to me.

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