A Mothers Want

She grabs my shoulders and whispers

'you are broken.'

I want to rage at this,

but I only look at my flat belly.


'you'll want a child one day'

I have no desire,

and she breaks down the doors

of my body.


'you'll find the right man'

I have no need of one

I try to say, 

she pays no heed to my sexuality.


'I'm glad you focus on your studys, but isn't he cute?'

I grip my hands and say yes

but it's a half-lie.

I have no intrest in him for what she implies.


she whispers to me

My mother and my Grandmother,

of boys who will become men with my body,

of a husband who will take me.


I can not whisper back,

to afraid to speak of who I am.




This poem is about: 
My family


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