A Mothers Request



mom says you should

But Who Would

mom says you're smart

But Today We Share The Heart

mom says go

But Why Stoop So Low

mom says delayed gratification

But All I Need Is A Highschool Education

mom says shoot high

But All I Do Is Sigh

mom says college

But I Say I Have Knowledge

mom says of course

So Why Do We Beat This Poor Horse?

because the world doesn't know your brilliance

college teaches more than inteligence

Right, OK

there is a chance for you to shine

but first you must cease to whine


pack up and go 

college is the place for you to glow

you say you wish to share your heart

first you must learn to do your part

once you have learned to express your mind

you will then know how to tell others to be kind

the world will open

oh if you would just listen

pursue knowledge

please get off your duff and go to college




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