Behind her brick wall she cries Eyes turn to anchors as its lid slowly closes.Stress makes a beautiful eye wither Making the nature of time pass.Tears of sadness closes the heart Makes the beat slower.The blackness peaks Theres no longer light.The smiles are no longer Happiness is gone.Now she hides And seeks for a change. In the eyes of a stranger She is a rainbow But the heart Is shattered glass with blood. Looking into her brown eyes And only seeing the pain Seeing the tears form without a reason.The hurt hits Tears begin to fall Years are now passing Feelings of being alone But it changes The smile is back Talking to the love of her life Laughing Making jokes But the call ends Now what. She thinks Now she is back to the tears.The pain Waiting to not wait anymore. 

        Author Krystalyn M. Benitez  age 17




 As her tears run

and her pain returns

 on the other side of the wall

is the man she yearns.

his ears can hear

her shattered heart

for he made a mistake

which has kept them apart

but he cries to her

to keep the hope

as he waits for God

to throw him a Rope

a Rope made

of strength & love

a Rope for salvation

from the Allmighty above

as he pleads for her patience

he to begins to cry

as he continues to ask

why why why

but he ask for her

not to hide

for it is in her

to show her pride

for her accomplshments

and the strength she shows

for he longs to touch

her button nose

so wipe your tears

stand proud and be seen

for you are my

My Nubeian Queen

author Ruben o Benitez