A mother's love

                                        A Mother’s Love

` Mom you had me at the age of fifteen.

Now you’re thirty five and I am nineteen

  Even though you were young and gave birth

You still were the one who brought me to planet earth

You did everything to make me who I am today.

You dedicated and sacrificed you never delayed.

Didn’t finish high school but that was ok

You still managed to raise us, go to college and graduate.

You gave me love when I needed it, always had my back.

Whether I was right or wrong you still had the knack.

When I was a kid, I  had my conflicts you stuck by my side

You cared for me, You never chose to divide

You’re my wonder woman always able to figure me out.

Everyday you knew what you were talking about

Numerous times I have been so stubborn to listen

You always put me on check to make sure I wasn’t missin

Raising a child with aspergers wasn’t easy, but you did it

I can’t thank you enough I give you all the credit

Even though I don’t often say it

Even though I don’t often show it

Deep down I truly appreciate it

                I wish I could take the that I have disrespect

And correct them all with respect

Everything you tell us is for our own good no harm

Having you around is a blessing and a charm

Whether we were on your good or your bad nerves

No matter how bad it got no one was left in the curb

You did everything possible to keep me off the streets

Made sure I had clothes on my back and shoes on my feet

You tried to guide me to a better path

Many times you were there, I can’t even do the math

Most parents would let their kids go out and do as they please

I never fell into that thanks to all of your policies

Many people I know talks about you

They tell me so much on how much they admire you

Admire the fact on how far you came as a parent

Everything you did for me was inherent

People tell me how you are one of the best parents out there

Due to all of your love, work and support you had to bare

I couldn’t count anyone else other than you

You were always there whenever I was blue

Whenever I was bothered you had already knew

When I did wrong you would give me an ass whuppin or two

I love you so much mom, I don’t ever want to hide it

We’re all together now as one forever united

We are always together through all battles and wars

Always remain united Forevermore



This poem is about: 
My family


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