Mothers love

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 16:41 -- thaojen


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I love you mom
I truly love you

I may not said it
But I love you

I express my love through emotion
And yet
I’ve not seen yours’ in return

Sometime I cried myself to sleep
Wondering when will it be
For you to care about me

I miss you mom
And most importantly
I miss yours’ love
Your motherly love that every child seem to have received

I’ve always felt as if you never love me evenly
As if you never care for me
As if I’m not thee child for you

When I’m out of school
I see other mother picking their child up
And yet mine isn’t here to do the same

But that didn’t hurt me as much
Instead what I’m hurt mostly
Is that you left your child for someone else child

I never say how much that has upset me
But deep down within my heart I cried
Every night, I wonder when it will be
For me to see the love of my mother

I cried so much that there aren’t any more tears to shed

Instead an anger
An anger that I still can’t express thoroughly

But what can I say
It is the mother love that every child cheers for.

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