I can't stand seeing you ruin my family's lives everyday.

You think you're a mom because you spend time with them on holidays?

You were never here, never even near.

You missed their lives, the only reason the boys see you is to get high.

But before, I was the one who heard them cry, I was ALWAYS the one in their lives,

I was the one who heard them compain

about how their mom went away.

That's why I hate you

I saw their pain.

You just went and came.

You think it should all be okay?

Maybe you can get the boys with drugs, but I'm not that dumb.

I will ALWAYS remember, because it's impossible to forget 

How much time you spent away

and how much pain I saw everyday

in my cousins eyes

or how many tears I had to dry.

Nothings ever gonna be alright,

not the way you ruined those kids lives.

Those tears will never dry.


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