Mother Nature as She Is.

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 15:06 -- Mbarich

The sun wakes me up with subtle kisses.
I’m lifted out of my bed by thousands of pulses of electricity
Pushing, pulling, contracting, releasing.
I feel them in my nose, I feel them in toes.

Throwing the door open I run into her embrace,
The dew tickles my bare feet in the grass.

I feel her, I feel every emotion.
Every breathe she breathes, the wind.
Every tear she cries, the rain.
Every shutter she feels, the ground shakes.
Her influence is all around us, masked by our creation.

Her love is full, her blessings are plenty.
Sustenance litters the ground, overflowing with nutrients.
Walking talking creatures roam with our footsteps,
We offer each other our loving embrace.

I am Mother Nature, she is me.
We are Mother Nature, she is us.
Mother Nature is supreme, everlasting.
With or without us she lives, she thrives.


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