Mother Nature

Like diamonds ablaze the Caribbean blue waters sparkled;

Emitting a spectrum of fiery rays like the Queen’s crown,

So matriarchal.

The white blanched sands were bathed back and forth;

By the soft sweeping of these gentle waters emanating,

From the north.

Scantily clad bronze bodies could be seen along the shore;

Drinking tropical frozen cocktails, so lush & galore.

One could feel a cool breeze ever so slightly;

“Might I suggest an appetizer?” whispered so politely.

Not to mention the backdrop of the ruffled flowers;

An all pastel array of hues and colors, &

Noted for their medicinal powers.

All at once a boy could be heard screaming,

“That shark took my little sister!”

The natives were unsure of the meaning;

However, shortly thereafter, the crimson remains,

Could be seen tainting the pristine waters,

Much to their disbelief & utter disdain.

A paradox created by Mother Nature, her majesty;

Who painted tis Paradise along with this travesty?

The families who once took such joy in this respite;

Now questioned G-d’s intentions & were so desperate;

To have their sanity restored to a time period before;

They could not trust the world around them anymore.


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