Mother, Mother, Ocean


Mother, mother ocean, 

What to say to you?

You dared to keep composure, 

When thunder roared and ships grew


But yet you are always changing, 

Evaporating in the air, 

Keeping life in your belly, 

As your salty arms caress my hair 


Mother mother ocean, 

Are you jealous of the sky?

Does the moon give you temptation, 

To raise your arms and fly?


Or are you content with where you are, 

With the life living inside you?

Your body, a labyrinth of mysteries, 

That humans sail right through 


But I look at you and think, 

And you make me wonder, 

To think, an entire world lies, 

In your blue skin and under!


Do you worry for humans?

Or are we just a flea on your shoulders?

Does it make you angry,

The things we sail for when we get older?


But mother mother ocean, 

Despite the waves and despite the storm,

You still hold me in your arms,

Even decades after I was born


So Mother mother ocean,

My lips have found the words,

Why youve always held me tight, 

When the sun on my skin starts to burn 


No matter what I've done, 

No matter what I've been through, 

Your love protects me from the rays, 

And so, I'll keep running back to you


This poem is about: 
My family
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