Mother AT a Loss

Young, beautiful and brave.

Chasing after a young man who only puts her to shame, tears her apart and throws dirt on her name.

She allows him to because she was never told any other thing to do.

She's my bestfriend, so do I tell her if she's wrong or not?

Pregnant at sixteen, so she's at a loss of words.

She never knew that guy she loved so much could bring her so much hurt.

She has trust issues so every guy she run into she only seeks the hurt and pain that they will come soon to put her through.

But she's my bestfriend so do I tell her if she's wrong or not?

Giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Yearning to teach her other words, 

Not to settle for a man as such as her father.

Because if he wanted to do right,

He'd think of how a man would treat his daughter.

She hasn't given up, 

and she's still that strong, beautiful, brave girl.

Not only have I noticed, she's only submissive to this cold, cruel world.

She's my bestfriend, so I will tell her she's wrong.

In the midst of that,

I will remind her to never let a man submiss her from her throne.

A mother at seventeen, all the joy her daughter will surely bring.

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