Mother Earth

Sun, sleet, rain, and snow,
mountains high and valleys low.
Flawless, luscious, peaceful, free,
from the bluest sky to the blackest sea.


Light, dark, hot, and cool,

the highest bidders always rule.
Money, jewels, fame, power,

only she will never require.


Silver, platinum, steel, and gold,

with more treasures in every fold. 

Honest, kindness, love, care,

from the tiny ant to the mighty bear.


Grace, style, elegance, and charm,

all presented without alarm.

Greed, pain, hunger, hate,

all of these does she abate.


Confident, generous, gentle, and pure,

without her we could not endure.

Ancient, stern, solid, lover,

we call her home, our Earthen Mother.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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