Mother Earth is as beautiful as viewed from the Sky.
The evergreen forest, hosting the beautiful choral of birds and the amazing scene of naturally beautiful creatures.
Wait a minute!
Is mother Earth about to share tears? Hmmmmn!
The Green plants Shakes, trembles and sheds tears.
As she feels the pains caused by her inhabitants
As they destroy all that mother Earth has put into production;
Millions of Rich dark Shifting lands to and from forming Mountains, valleys and waters that flow.
The things that seems to grow to nurture all her children are destroyed by the greed of Human evolution.
Hmmmmn!, Has mother Earth taken all she can?
How many more cuts and pains can she bare?
She gave us air, home and indeed food.
Her air, through the beautiful vegetation we fill with fumes and harmful substances.
Ourselves we kill for lack of pure Breath.
The sea once clean, now chocked with deadly waste; To drink, we fear that it will Hasting our death.
The fertile soil once pure and full of life now barren sand sleeping without value.
Pouring of concrete and tearing out trees.
Is this the environment that surrounds me?
Poisons and insecticides sprayed on our food?
The heavy sounds of machinery (chainsaw) in the heart of the Green Vegetation?
Creatures flee shouting for help?
Being kept homeless and render hopeless in life?
The deep dug-outs by heavy trucks?
These are questions I ask myself.
Oooh Mother Earth!
How much worse will this become?
The mother is angry and just begun to vent her anger; she Converses with the Sun and we call it Global warming.
There is actually something someone somewhere has to do. Yes! You and I.
If we don't curb the situation at hand, it's our very lives that are at risk. The end and destruction of Man.

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Our world
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