Mother Earth


United Kingdom

Our Earth is beautiful as viewed from the sky.
But wait! Is Mother about to cry?
This blue planet shakes and trembles and sheds its tears
As it feels the wars and the throwing of their spears.

It's the human ones causing the destruction.
Of all that Mother put into production,
Millions of eons shifting lands to and fro,
Forming mountains and valleys and waters that flow,

Habitats grown to nurture all her children
Are destroyed by the greed of human evolution.
Has the Mother taken all that she can?
Is she objecting to the iniquities of man?

How many cuts and incisions can she take?
As species land and forests disappear in man's wake,
She gives her warnings as the elements explode,
Showing how vulnerable humans are in their humble abodes.

Catastrophes are spreading across the globe.
How much worse will they become? No one knows.
The Mother is angry, and she has just begun
To vent her fury as she converses with her sun,

So beware, human ones, and heed Mother's actions.
Let not complacency and avarice become your distractions.
Has the Mother not provided all that you need?
Yet you repay her with ignorance and contempt as you feed.

So open your eyes, human ones, respect our Mother,
For this is our only chance, there is no other.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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