Mother Earth She runs


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Mother Earth


She runs through the moonlight

escaping into the void.

Glimmering in her blue and green dress,

stained in mud and black tar from his touch.

He chases after her

putrefying  her body leaving scars and faults where once beautiful curves once were.

She is mother Earth and here she cowers in the center of her brothers and sisters and yet

they can’t do anything to protect her from her toxic relationship, a relationship with humanity.

Ever since the inception of man we sweet talked mother Earth into nurturing us from a baby.

Sacrificing her other children for our food and materials through our adolescence and then we abused her.

We blew away her mountains, mined holes into her body and took the bountiful fruit of her labor and chemically altered it into high fructose corn syrup.

Now here she lies under the pavement to the road of hell no breath, no hope

Withering from our ignorant bliss, selfish thoughts and ideals

We own her and everyday we recycle our daily cup of coffee or soda we are helping her.

No, we’re helping ourselves live with a delusion of Mother Earth benefiting from us



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