Mother Dear

Silly little girl, why do you cry? 

You have everything don't you see?

Stupid little girl, why do you stress?

Are you blind to all that is carefree?

Scared little girl why do you cut?

Can't you see it's hurting me?


Mother dear you are so blind,

They call me names at school.

Mother dear you are so wrong,

These kids they are so cruel.

Mother dear it's just not right,

I don't think im worth the fight.

Late at night I want to be,

but then the tears begin to stream

They call me monkey, they call me slut...

I don't know what I did, I keep my eyes shut.

They push me down the stairs and give me dirty glares.

I cut because I think "who cares".


Beautiful little girl you are my life,

my only joy in site.

Those kids they cannot win.

What they do to you, it's sin.

My precious girl you have to fight,

you cannot think that they they're right.

My angelic girl I do see, 

but you will always, always, have me. 

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