From Mother To Daughter


I Carried You For 9 months inside me Where No One Else Has The Privilege To Be 
The Blood That Flows In Your Veins Is The Very Same Blood I Shared With You From My Own Veins
The Oxygen You Breathe Was Also Given To Your Body Fro Me
And When You Were Ready To Bless The World With Your Presence I Opened Up My Body And Let You Free
I Disciplined You From Young Because I Wanted You To Know Right From Wrong 
No Child Of Mine will Misbehave As If they're Lacking Home Training Rather My Child Will Conduct Herself In A Manner That Demonstrates Good Home Raising
Ive Watched You Blossom Into A Beautiful Young Lady
You May Think That Your Grown But In My Eyes Darling, You're Still My Baby And Though We Fuss And Fight And Argue With Each Other 
Nothing Will Ever Change The Fact That Daughter, I Am Your Mother


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