A Mother and Her Son

Hardships of my heart shift

The agitated waters of sea now sit

The pull of the undertow

Is under so

Gently fading

As the sun on the horizon begins inflating

And it seems that all is well and all is right

from a baby’s morning, to an old man’s night

All thanks to the wisdom teachings and lessons

That my mother in my youth gave to lessen

The aching and breaking of a future’s troubles

In hopes that the walls of tomorrow turn to rubble

And that the ashes of today blow away

To make a path as if to say

“This is your sail.

Live by it and you shall not fail...

And in a sea of darkness

I will be your light to harness”

So thank you mother for the lessons you have taught

The battles you have fought

The opportunities you have sought

And the struggles you have caught

All in the sake of making certain

Then when your show ends and drops the curtain

When your voyage sinks and only a shipwreck surfs in

That your son grew up as good and just person


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