Mother and Daughter

Tell me daughter do you feel the loneliness your mother felt so long ago still?

Although she would like to act as though it were never real, the scars on her arms and silent screams and silent tears of mother and child bare the proof.
And they sent her away from her only true friend the 7 year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, they sent her to recover but only worsened her and weakened her until she gave in.
And years later upon her short return of three days she held baby girl as if she were a girl and she felt the world cave in but smiled on like they told her to do and she thought of the grace of God and did not laugh in the name of irony.
When she looked at the girl she saw herself but did not tell her daughter the nasty truths.
And we all laughed along as if nothing were wrong.
And although her wounds had hardly healed we pretended she was born a new and we didn't question a thing afraid of the answers deep in our brains.
And when she cried at night we pretended an owl outside was singing to her lover and we laughed and she lay alone.
And when mother comes home again for three short days we will carry the ritual and she will see her lonesome self in her daughter and the person she wants to be in her son.
She will cry but we won't bat an eye for we cannot see what we don't want to see when she turns off the light and we hide under covers in the still of the night.
This poem is about: 
My family



This poem made me cry it is so well written


Thank you so much!

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