Mother of All Things

Rose I'm glad u know my routine.  I'm a fucking mess and I don't how to be Sitting in in my room trying to lose my mind and get into my body Using the easy way out cuz the hard way is so annoying I can feel my toes Another swig I maybe able to feel my body But the only problem here is I'm going in the the wrong direction Further and further I'm moving away from the source and into darkness But in a way it's still bringing me closer to the mother of all things It might not be the proper way but I can feel her existence within me Awaken Thank you for listening and speaking through me Maybe one day I'll be what I'm meant to be Just got believe and I will succeed  Thats what the secret said at least   Then I hate myself all at once Why did I drink I just can't stop. There is this demon inside me And it needs to feed It needs negativity Failure    When will the tables turn I wonder  When will I put my foot down and decide to turn my life around  All the way around Wake up in meditativive state The natural state  Eat food that vibrates. On the highest frequency Think only positivity  Attract only pure beings Not only that but touch and transform the world  One day I have dream that I will awaken and be But for know I will drown my in my misery and contemplate the beautiful being that's lies dormant inside me 

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