Red brown cheeks and big smile 

a complexion that beamed love 

you were a hero my hero 

a mother and a friend 

For years you had us all on your back

As time flew by there was a change 

your skin grew lifeless and the bags took your eyes 

a difference but at first so subtle 

pills the first knife

Vodka the second 

after a while you used them like one 

at the next house another arose 

these knives barely hurt you but they cut me deep

they cut through my skin and sliced through my heart 

they cut out a feeling 

a feeling I can’t remember whether I had or not

they broke me in half  and eventually you too

often my mind travels back to the day that hurt most

tears flooded my eyes

only 13 I felt my heart break 

bearing no longer I let you leave with a meaningless goodbye 

And too this day your cheeks will never look the same 

and your skin will always feel dull


This poem is about: 
My family


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