M.O.M yes sweet they say .yes when I have a cold or yes to when my knee is scraped, yes to when I have a bruise on my arm and yes to when and yes to when I am hungry but No to where anxiety and irritation becomes my best friend, no to when I know depression like then back of muy hand, alway  tell me how me and you are the best of friends , I didn't know that that's how this is supposed to be treated, me being hurt to the point where i feel like my heart is bleeding or drawing lines on my wrist to stop myself from screaming,  M.O.M. you tell me you love me and that I'm pretty b  then reverse with I hate you and your get upset with me when I don't tell you what's wrong . I don't say it because I know you won't try to sing along, you always ask how come I don't dress like those pretty girls, why do  I dress like a dumb .when my body is shown and see by you, you judge and make fun then ask why I don't love myself or my body why, you are the on who brings horror to me then ask why am i scared,you are the problem the ask what's wrong, to everyone ou are nice and sweet buy to me you are nothing but mean .moyher how can you say that you love your daughter then turn her away when she has a problem, you  stare at her and ask why she is the way that she is and pretend like you try to understand herd  and when she pulls away you get mad at her for not relying on you.for trusting a total stranger over you. when you have strongly betrayed her.M.O.M I am your daughter and I still love you but not when you make me hate you.

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My family
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