I Remember when you used to be happy

When I could still hold you in my arms

Whenever you'd get scared

you would come find me

To care the monsters away.

When the sun just

beyond your reach

When every new day was an adventure

I remember when there were nothing but smiles

on your face

When you'd get excited over Ice cream

I remember

When you cared to much

and worried so little

I don't remember when those smiles

Turned plastic

When your bubbly laughter

Was replaced with silent screams

I don’t remember

when you stopped coming to me

to drive the monsters away from your dreams

I don't remember

When your days turned into battles

and Sun turned to Ash

I don't remember

when you learned the cruelty

I tried so hard to shield

I watched you wither away

My beautiful child

replaced by a hollowed corpse

I cried every night,

As you did in your room

You thought you were alone

I felt as though I had failed


I found you that day

Blood flooded from your wrists

I cried and held you

like I had done so long ago

I whispered that I loved you

over and over again

Praying that would bring you back to me


I wept for years

Blamed myself

I felt like such a failure

Mothers aren't supposed to bury their children

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Very sad, very honest. Thanks for a great poem.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  


I would love to use this poem for a speech program that I will be performing. Could I have your first and last name so I can cite the poem? Thank you very much! And wow... what a poem.

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