The Most Beautiful Day of My Life


The Most Beautiful Day of My Life. 

                      By  Alton Butts

It was a beautiful day today. 
It seem like everything was going my way.
I passed my math test
Not a cloud in the sky. 
The birds sing, while school bells rings.
And I laughed;  I laughed like everything was ok. 
But on the inside nothing was ok.
Am I going to see her again?
Am I ever going to feel the warmth of her skin?
Look at that sunlight,it's  so beautiful.
The wind gently brushed my face as it passed by.
It was as if someone was saying goodbye.
That day, You can see my smile, but not understand my lie.
I went to the hospital that day, 
Praying that she's ok.
It's still 76 degrees with clear skies.
As the beautiful sun shine hit my eyes;
Tears fell like dead bodies from a Genocide. 
Cause on the inside I died when she died.
Because I seen the most beautiful day of my life when my momma died.  
Today was a beautiful day.
I miss you Ma.
Cawana Jacksom



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