Most of all i Miss your sweet caress

Most of all I miss your sweet caresses

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 16, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

Good morning my beloved wife. I'm missing you so much. I can't wait till you come back home to me. This day our Herts will be filled with glee.
I miss your smiling face. I miss your warm embrace.
I miss holding your hand as we walked across the sand.
I miss your laughter it was brightens up each day.
I miss your voice, saying that you love me, and every things going to be ok. The way We always did everything together. You and I fit together like 2 birds and a feather!
I miss your advice when your away. I miss you cheering me up on a gloomy day. I miss seeing the love through your dark brown eyes. Those eyes that know how to hypnotize.
I miss the glow of your face when my love would show you grace. I miss you being here by my side. Sometimes I just want to crawl off and hide.
I missed the glistening of your eyes. Shining so bright I would become mesmerized! I miss the look upon your face when you became overwhelmed with love's embrace.
I mess you sleeping in our bed. With your head upon my chest. Most of all I miss your sweet caressed!

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My family
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