The Morning (Reminiscent)


That morning I woke up with a smile

If you were only there to see it

I felt as if I had a five course breakfast

and you were there with me to eat it,

My roommate saw me and he thought I was on drugs,

But I would be a fool to call you an addiction

Like I need a dose of you, everytime

I was down, depressed

Languid with that anguish suffering in pain

And I put you away in the vial when I am done

And where is the fun, when the woman I think and thought about each day

is stuck in an orange translucent cell underneath a twist-on cap

‘Cause beautiful, I want to be with you everyday

And everyday from now on, I want to smile so big

So enormous my lips part like the red curtains and my teeth pulled off a performance

And my emotions run around and dance choreographed numbers on stage

Hoping to get the audience’s applause, but dreaming of that sweet smile you usually do

Because when you smile too, I feel crisp like a blade of grass baptized by morning dew out in the fields,

You make me chill as I lay still,

in my bed wondering when is the next time I will ever see you again,

because it has been you in the morning that make me smile.


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