Morning Delight


United States
41° 32' 34.692" N, 87° 40' 57.9648" W

Excitement courses through me

Like ants in a mad dash for discarded apple pie

I close my eyes and wait for the magic to begin…

Crickets drone themselves off to sleep

With their own melody but I am awake

The dark sky waits omnipresent and covert

Hiding in plain sight around trees and around buildings

delighted in its own enigma

Before the sun comes up

I quiver with glee

Its my little secret

I’m spying on the world

No one can see me but I can hear everything

The few cars that levitate above the roads and down the lanes

Headlights blinking into night’s eye

Peaking from beneath the covers

Let no one know you are awake

Lest the magic be undone

It lasts until the sun peaks over the first corner

Of the first building

Winking at its own brilliance

Yawning as it rises in the sky

So soft

Hot white gold and rose red, purple and violet

Oh what we see

Me the garbage collector and the farmer

We all know each other

We have witnessed the same sun

We have shared an unspoken secret that we will never tell

I’m ready for the day

I rose with the sun

Nothing can bring me down



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