Morning Bliss!

Feeling warm rays on my golden brown skin, I awaken to birds chirping an awesome good morning melody.

An explosion of bright oranges, yellows and greens are highlighted outside my wndow, inviting me to join the day.

I roll over on what seems to be a meadow of softness, welcomed by my down-filled bed companions.

Just as I start to fall back down the rabbit hole, the earthy smell of freshly brewed coffee awakens my senses.

I grin ear to ear while taking a deep stretch from head to toe,and let out a great suppressed yawn like a roar heard in the jungle, feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

My blood runs warm in my veins and my heart has a never ending rhythm.

I finally emerge out of bed and stumble to the bathroom looking in the mirror amused by my wild and tangled tresses.

Brushing my teeth, I put on a fake smile taking in the taste of mint and preparing to cleanse my face. The cool refreshing water wakes me up all the way up now and my face feels alive and tingles wtih joy.

Breakfast is spead out on the table like a feast for the gods, fresh fruits, bright yellow eggs, crisp bacon and lots more.

A burst of flavor hits my taste buds, this must be what morning tastes like!

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