More Than You Know

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 00:31 -- MuNzTrz

Big Brown eyes

filled with mischief and excitement

Eyeballing me from a distance,

trying to decide the best way to

sneak attack me with kisses and cuddles


15 years old with a disease

almost impossible to control


My body in constant overdrive

Every moment of every day

Involuntary jerks and spasms

ticks and twitches


Every second of my life was washed away

with looks coming my way

Laughter and Chatter not far behind

from people who pretended to be a friend

My wrists bled of self-hate and resentment

for being born an abomination

But along the road of self-destruction


I met you

Four Paws

A couple of flaws

Abandoned in a sewer drain


You’d gone through hell and back

But nevertheless

You still looked at mankind

with Unconditional Love in your Big Brown eyes


All furry and cute

With your goofy smile and wiggling tail

My partner in crime


You taught me to be brave

To forgive others and to Love myself

the way you Loved me

You saved me from destroying myself

By showing me how valuable my life was to you


I want you to know that I wont forget any of it

even if you're not here anymore to remind me daily

I will never forget the way you

could run around and play all day

and still be full of energy.


Or the way you Loved me Unconditionally despite my Imperfections.


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