More Than You Could Imagine

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 20:48 -- tminerv

Imagine yourself on a swing set, now look up toward the sky. Lift your feet off the ground-let go-and spread your wings ever so high.

Imagine yourself frozen with fear, you and your enemy face-to-face. Taunting you as they whisper in your ear. Close your eyes, stand tall, be brave, it is you who will commandeer.

Imagine yourself walking to the podium, speechless, nothing but nerves teetering as thoughts run through your mind. Cease, you are not confined, for you carry the prominent voice of mankind.

Imagination is more than just fantasy, it prevails in everything we know. Imagination is home to both the young and old. Let it enlighten your surroundings, let it touch your soul.

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Our world
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