More Sense Than a Clear One


A blurred photograph can make a lot more sense than a clear one

Look at the way she moves her arm to hit his head playfully

Look at the way his face is blurred dodging that hit

That action is day to day life

Caught on a camera

Memories to stick on the fridge


A smugged drawing can make more sense than a clear one

Look at the shaddow she started to draw

Look at the small smile on her lips

Something more personal

Caught in a still life

Cleverly disguised

On a canvas


An unclean mirror can make more sense than a clear one

The small smudges can remind you of flaws

The flaws we're supposed to have

Distracting you from imperfections that you try to hide

As you think

I should probably clean this mirror


A flawed body can make more sense than a perfect one

It can be just as pretty

With the curves and marks

As one without the stretch marks and the hair

Accept the flaws

Because they make you


Like the blurred picture

Like the smugged drawing

Like the dirty mirror


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