More Powerful Than Our Mind

Sat, 08/31/2013 - 13:20 -- knmm4


This drug has kept people alive, even killed people on the inside.

We see it everywhere we go, in movies, on TV, and even books.

Once you find it, you automatically get hooked.

Everyone spends their whole life looking to find it.

Churches never resent it and are always testifying on it.

The drug can effect what you say ,what you think.

Words that will truly make you blink.

Only takes five seconds to feel the reaction.

It's the world's greatest attraction.

It goes deep in our soul and fills up those empty holes.

It gives you the same high as cocaine.

It can give you severe pain,

But it's something everyone wants to gain.

It takes two people to make it.

Guys and girls take it.

Some even fake it.

The words I Love You are the root to this drug,


It is True Love.







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