More Than Meets the Eye



Selfishness, pride

Her ego, her snide

Bright blue eyes,

Shiny hair

Something more lies under there.

Happy and giddy,

Her grin wide with glee

She’s got the sharpness in tounge

To make others flee

Impatient, impulsive

Impolite and unnerved

She’s cute and she’s funny

Though her time spent is earned.

She’s got aggression and wit

That’s not the half of it

Her head strong as steel,

It is unnatural to feel

Heart masked by quick judgement

Her emotions seem dormant

Though boys fall left and right

Due to what they see at first sight.

She can laugh she can love

She can frolick and play

She can fight she can scream

She can ruin your day.



I liked taking a look inside myself and exposing the way people view me, and they way I view myself. I expose the reality of the double meaning that many people overlook. People let others define themselves based on the way others react to them, but I take a look inward and reveal my flaws and true identity, something that a stranger or even a close friend might not be aware of. 

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