More love, more life



I feel the power,  

I feel the beast,

I feel the beauty,  

Do you?   


Blew your chance,  

Screw you,

Quick to count you and I out,   


I bailed out with love,

Behold my boxing glove,

The most powerful force to ever existed,

Assisted and listed at the bottom,

Nobody remembering me,

Dead to of y’all like a flea,

Let the bee fly free,

It’s so simple yet so complicated,

Don’t try to count me out,

Cause you just be counting yourself out,

I ain’t a good boy no more,

I have seen things boy’s ain’t supposed to see,

Feel that energy?,

Tastes like celery,

Complimentary to the fact they could put me in a documentary,

Yet no one would be at my funeral,

Numeral values,

Bring me back to the days they was calculating my survival,

Ain’t no attention,

Mention the pension,

A  brother lost his life for,

Snore and swore,

On war,

And pain,

Dwyane Wade helping me out,

I even have an autographed ball from him,

Try and kill me in the prelims,

I am the Finals,

Look at my heart,

My soul,

See that trophy?,

You got it too,

We all Kings,

Fly your wings,

And love your fellow brothers and sisters,

Colorado springs hot enough to burn the entire human body,

But love weak enough to heal it,

You know I love you,

You know I care,

Ain’t never going to find love like this,

Let’s french kiss,

Oh wait, hold up, I never kissed,

Grit and grind,

I’ll take that kiss,

Oh how sweet,

Persist, insist, and enlist,

Honey don’t put me on the blacklist,  

You really care or not?,

I taught you, don’t play with them feelings,

Swatted that fake love out of here,

With that beautiful block,

Thon Maker!,

Combining with Akbar Ali for the block!,


Go talk and walk,

And I will always love y’all,

Y’all probably will kill me,

Stab me,

Fuck me over,

As in the past,

But yea,

Oh well,

I’m just living life,

And loving where it takes me.



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