More than a Letter

Tue, 05/21/2013 - 16:00 -- tiraluv


United States
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Dear Lock Keeper that gave birth to me,
Please let me out, unlock this door,
I want to get out let me see;
I just want to be me.
I want to see the world through my own eyes, you can't sensor the world for me.
I hope I'm not that boney skeleton you see in a cave when you open that door.
Stop leaving wet, red tears streaming down my face.
Eventually the world will be a better placce, but in the mean time I did escape.
Used weak nails for claws, dug so far up heaven was on the second floor.
Reached 5 five times, ran to the first open arms to greet me.
I know you're staring at this paper like you look at me
pooring deep into my soul, you stab me with every blink.
I'm that yellow holey sponge you find by the sink,
everything is pooring right through me!
Stop hiding! Don't protect,
teach me right from wrong; then hold me when I don't get it right.
I swallowed your key,
threw it up when you punched me with the word disappointed.
Baby girl is on the inside you just have to look for me.
When your red, firey eyes are closed,
I don't want to kill you, just kick you, punch, slap, hit and tell you I love you.
How does it feel to be on the other of the door,
except now you're locked away from my life.
-Forever your daughter.

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