More Than Just Words

Wed, 07/11/2018 - 12:52 -- Maraht

 We all search for a place to vent; to be free, with no condemnatory or disparaging eyes lurking in the shadows, no expectations. Where else are we ought to be free in a world filled with limitations and restrictions other than the place where our thoughts roam in the solitude of our sub conscious?
      Words are powerful, it always amazed me to know that we possess the ability to shape and alter these words to mimic and interpret exactly how we feel. Wordsworth defines poetry as “The spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.” Yet even that definition isn’t satisfying, there is no concrete definition for poetry as we all have our own individual experiences with it.
      Through the power of poetry I have learned the most important thing there is to know in life, the question that haunts us and drives us to live as we spend the entirety of our lives searching for it and that is our purpose, the meaning of life. Who am I?  Poetry has granted me the ability to unravel my thoughts and depict the person they are coming from. That is where my thoughts roam free and where I found who I was. Poetry has not only helped me come to know who I am, but also to decode the bigger picture, this underlying mystery we call life. Reading poetry is like possessing the empathic ability to feel emotions that are not your own.
      Reading poetry opens our minds and opens us up to wonder and think beyond the limitation and restrictions that hold our thoughts in captivity; to comprehend and see things about ourselves and this world we live in. With poetry we have the ability to see things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Poetry renews and deepens the one thing that makes us human; imagination. It helps us to communicate our biggest dreams and our darkest secrets, poetry has made my thoughts and emotions nearly tangible, giving them a place to stand, to be seen and understood.

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