More Than Just a Manipulative "I Love You"

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 03:46 -- Atharas


United Kingdom

Before I met you

I thought the words “I love you”

Always came with an ulterior meaning

So when you told me you loved me

I waited for you to tell me what it was

But you never did

Because your “I love you”

Never had one to begin with


You taught me that those words

Were only meant to reassure

To show that you cared

All I had to do was accept it

With no obligations to return it


The concept of giving love

Without asking for something in return

Flipped my whole world upside down

Making me question everything I thought I knew


I will never be able to thank you enough

For showing me what it feels like to be loved

Selflessly, completely, genuinely

Because now know

That I deserve more than just

A manipulative “I love you”

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