more than that of the heart so red

Pretty long and separated are the two to be

With a distance of being so, so very far & long

Though to be of the some hometowns

But never a decrease was to be seen in their love


He at times wants to feel her

Through their rare talks in the phone

In love was he to be so,

So very much to be in her sweet honey filled voice

At times in their limited conversation


He wanted to feel her warm breath

From the cold state she was to be then

He wanted her to say his name as many times as possible she could ever do

Wanting to feel the closeness of her voice

He wants her to sing songs, as she did ages ago

At times would he be tempted to play with the curls of very thick black hair

Would like to look at her tempting eyes on her face for hours together

Touch her hands, cheeks, neck, back, head & feet to feel it so soft

Have food together which both would have helped each other in to cook

For once she said she was to be a good cook and a little help from him would do no harm

Talk on about the health tips she had ever known very well, held her in his arms

Making her to wear the traditional dresses

Go on for long rides together to places of less traffic and have a picnic at some natural spot as she loved it

Water the plants of a garden together, or grow lavender for that was a colour she will ever love

Play a game of chess or football & so on

Talk, talk & talk endlessly or just observe her in utmost silence

Or annoy her & he to enjoy her anger, & to make her even more angered

& enjoy it all with a silence even unknown if a big pin fell nearby unto to the ground

For there is always great touch of enjoyment in fights & finally to end up pacifying each other

For being bossy was a one which she was much known for amongst all

& which he had greatly loved that very trait of hers for a lot and she could be anything she wants to be without any hesitations

Then he would want her to show the presents that he gifted as gifts to her whenever they met so occasionally

Maybe he could draw her up a little, if she had the patience to stay still

Rub her tears whenever she was sad & in distress of some events of the sad past and never make her shed a drizzle of tear drop again

Go on mountain climbing, cycling, dance to videos of music, learn Carnatic music together

Go for long walks holding hands together as she said she wanted to do in her initial stages with him,

Or photograph nature, do yoga and teaching each other some new thing recently they learnt

Watch movies together & enact some of them in a most dramatic way as how the characters did,

Read the papers and enjoy in the rain, click a lot of photos together, & make a few videos of fun for fun

Tell about the past things they had done & talked about

Shop together nearby, tell her the dreams that he dreamt about her

Read poetries he penned down and of other poets too

Read short stories, dramas and enact them dramatically

Making any place as their stage as for the world’s a stage and as how all act

So would they also to do so as how Shakespeare long back had it in his mind, to be said

And so had he had written it down, the statement of so much fame & of a beautiful truth

Maybe finally catch hold of her tender hands & fling her into the air, making her feel young

As how a father would do to his most loved son or to his princess


She on the other hand would be to rough at times, unintentionally

But she would have tears, ready to get rolled down as rain

She would have a lot & lots of stories to tell which would have broke her apart as how glass gets cracked

She would want to talk & tell a whole lot more, but instead at times hurt, unintentionally

But she would feel sad for it all once the call gets hung up


She will for sure be so wondered on the simplicity of her guy

For he was always so very constant as how he was from years ago

She couldn’t understand him a bit, and would ask within herself on how could he be such always?

Just a smile would he smile, if she asks such a question to him

A low laughter would she also have, with a tear to fall so fast down

She would have moments of bliss, which she never could find anywhere else

Though she & he to be of the same hometown, it’s always so difficult to meet each other


Her bright smiles in front of others when compared to the talks to him

Were all to be made of pure artificiality & artifice

Whenever she would watch something to be so sweetly touching

She would remember him & his very simple humbleness

& would she also wish for him to be at her side to lie on his shoulder for then and for at times forever


He sees her

Wherever he steps into &

He never knows the reason


Was it love or something, so more?

It was never to be love

But something truly so more

For he considered her as an inspiration

For all his very innovations

& so he wants to see, feel & hear always

For he considered her is his own reflection

Even if she doesn’t, he does, as for something greater than love

As he had fallen for her, a new word must be got into invention

To describe his heartfelt relationship towards her


To put it in simple words do you agree all these to be elements of true love?

But she can never be, his dear one not even in many dreams could she be his dear darling

That’s to be too very sad isn’t it?

So don't expect more and that's what reality is all about


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