more than fantastic

if i take this walk
and my stomach begins to ache for food
it's okay, because i know
the hot soup waiting on the kitchen counter will taste even better
the creamy flan even sweeter
i tell this to myself
and like this, a little of me dies everyday
but that's okay, because
these everyday paradoxes leave me in awe
the flower, dried and fallen from its stem,
is replaced by a dozen more, blooming, 
white glowing in unison.
as a child,
the two quarters i lost in the machine
returned in the form of gumballs:
a tangy lemon, watermelon, blueberry.
III. the paradox:
when you exercise a lot, you make tears in your muscles, but after you eat a good meal and sleep, your body regenerates your cells, stronger than before
when parts of you die your heart will grow tougher -
tougher in a good way,
the best way.
when all seems lost you will find a smile in a stranger
and a way to smile back.
you realize life moves in fantastic ways.
or rather, more than fantastic --
it fills you with awe
so if it's not AWE-some, i don't know what is
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