More than Coffee

It’s when I’m drinking coffee,

I love coffee by the way,

And I’m laughing just cause,

You said something funny yesterday.


It’s when I wait to watch a show,

That I really want to see,

But I know I have to save it,

So we can shout at the TV.


That thing I wanted to tell you,

I can’t remember what it is,

Then I remember! It’s dumb,

But I still tell you it.


We don’t worry about what to say,

And our silences are sweet,

And my heart is stupid happy,

You bring out the best in me.


We aren’t texting, talking, together,

Every minute of time,

It’s sharing amazing moments in your life,

And you the best in mine.


It’s those people that come near,

And my entire being lights up,

It’s because I love them,

Because they’re more than enough.


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