morals of me

All i have and had had made me who i am. It has made me act the way i do. I have never beed the greety type of person. I never thought i needed something els. Ive seen people with things that i couldnt afford but i didnt mind because its not how i was raised. I was raised being told that all I need is happyness. Its not something that only the poor say. I come from a middle class family. We had what we need and wanted but i just never came around to asking for more of what i had. I guess in a way it doesnt matter what you have. It matters how the people around you speek to you. So now that im older im proud of that. I say thank you to that.

You can try to knock me down but you will never succeed becuase ive climbed to far to ever go back down. And like demi said to me in a song " I am closer to the clouds up here". you can take it all way from me but that will never change the beliefes that ive grown up with. To give even when taken.

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