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Moonlight Goddess And Queen

Oh. Look at you,
You are the true goddess of the sea,
You are loved by many;
Your beauty everyone craves,
Your love is a hunger and a need,
You are cousin to set the slaves free,
You swim your spirit into the hearts
You shine light from your eyes 
To another side; from another kind,
Your body is pure and white
You dance around like a candle flame,
You make other women look a shame,
But your heart has love for all;
You walk on water in many dreams,
Your words cook with a sting,
Your blood is like silk,
Every word you say
is written in blood stain ink;
everything you do is for the peace
for true love of mankind;
everything is for the light that stands 
in Gods eyes;
Oh, Goddess of the sea,
Dark Angel made you his queen,
But that will never change a thing,
Every beautiful rose that blooms is sweet,
It will always be a part of you, in everything you do,
Your eyes are like the moon;
it always changes in late June;
your eyes always look like you are looking 
in the reflection of water crystal water,
the water starts to wave and rise deep into the night
like it is saying goodbye;
when you talk its always sweet,
but if you must be mean you bring rain,
the earth is the seed of love;
the sea is the beauty of a true goddess,
so, the sea is named after you;
Moonlight, of all seas in every dream,
You know the deepest essence of true love,
The water is your treasure of dreams,
Moonlight, you are a goddess and a queen,
Even in darken dreams.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen of Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


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