The vividness of the moon illuminates

 As the night ages

The stars, they too shine oh so greatly

A dance of twinkling they’ll engage in


As the hand of the clock progresses to twelve

Not a trace of day is left

Not the subtlest hint

Of the orange, red, or pink

That painted the infinite sky

Just moments before

It lights up every city

It shines a ghost white


As it begins to take flight

You glance up there, way up high

It’s so close, but so out of your grasp


In spite of being lightyears and lightyears away

The familiarity of it is so comforting-the night

So much that you forget you’re a foreigner, never been


Just watching with your feet curled up in the damp grass, each night,  again and again

Accompanied by the crickets, occasional bats, cars passing through

My, the sight just transports you

Your house, neighbors, it all fades from view, existence itself


It’s just you and the evening is all that is, all that’s ever been

Until the radiant sun peeks over the blazing horizon

And you’re transported back, surrounded once again

By people, by responsibilities you feign to love

Until next dusk, the air filled with cool, a dewy musk, just to fade again

Until next dusk, my friend

Until next dusk


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