The night gazing through like the

blowing wind of pasting time.

The light touches my soul in glee.

The darkness around me fades when I feel lust.

An year of epic times in one siming night.

The moonlight is so peaceful.

Like an simple push of faith.

As I feel time is running low.

At least I have the young light with me.

The Moonlight makes me feel like a kid

I was once ago.

Oh the memories of life

never gone before like if

I travel through my childhood for the last time.

The light makes me wonder.

When will I be up there

To see my love again.

I revive the past to oneself mind.

Dear God, why can’t the

light be with me Forever

The peaceful light turns me

into the nothing I become.

The reality I created wakes up the society darkness.

The winds of change in my life is running through me.

But is it worth the pain.

When will I be with my moonlight again.




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