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Look into the moonlight,

Tell me what you see.


I see a great tall

Whispering pine,


By the moon.


I see the vast wide

Expanse of sky,

Devoid of light

But for the moon.


Do you see

The way the silver threads

Wind through the dark

Silken grass?


See the way the moon's

Night breeze

Makes the massive maple

Shiver at its touch?


I can look into you eyes

And see the wonderment:

Of the magic,

Of the beauty

Of something as pure as this.


I see the wild wolves there,

Just inside your soul,

Begging to be released

Into the wild nights of old.


Can you see

The wolves in mine,

Lifting their broad silver snouts

To howl

Into the moonlight,

Into your eyes?



Let us free those wolves.


For this night,

Let us be as wild

As the beasts desire,

And as pure

As the light of the moon

That slips through the branches

To stroke your silvered hair.

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Our world


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